Web Research

Databases created from professional web research forms the foundation of many new ideas and products. Move Offshore understands the importance of the web research process. Our offshore team has worked closely with different kinds of businesses, start-up all the way to established companies requiring continuous refresh of online data. The web research by our offshore center team has in the past built RFP databases for websites of Federal, State, Universities, Counties, and Cities etc. Below are a number of case studies to explain the nature of our work and research capabilities:

1. A local deals/coupons aggregator website, at start-up phase, required local weekend deals/coupons from local stores. Our team has continuously updated the database with the newest coupons and deals.

2. A vacation rental company required data of properties from various US and worldwide. The Move Offshore offshore center team has continuously fed 100s of thousands of vacation rental properties into this database.

3. A research professor requiring university and course details contacted us for regular data support. Our research team has assisted them for the last three years to share relevant data for their research work.

Our research and analysts are professionals and ensure timely delivery of data with industry standard accuracy every time. For more information, please do chat/email us, we will be more than happy work with you at the best rates on the offshoring market.

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