Data Entry

Data is one of the basic and important element of any business, every organization needs those vital element in certain form which will be processed for business needs. Each business requires data in diversed form with high data accuracy, here the data entry plays an important role. Move Offshore is one of the well known company for their data entry works, we have skilled and experienced professionals for handling data entry projects. Our vast experience in this field helps us to take any complex data entry jobs and complete in quick turnaround time with very high data accuracy. There are numerous benefits in outsourcing data entry, you will save time and of course money. Before everything, it allows you and your in-house employees to focus on your core business and to develop your business.

  • Data entry to create, update your Mailing List
  • Data Entry from hardcopy / printed material into MS Office
  • Online Data Capture / Collection
  • Phone Book Data Entry
  • Customer Card Data Entry
  • Business Card Data Entry
  • Forms Data Entry
  • Catalogs Data Entry
  • Bond Data Entry
  • Pictures Work / OCR
  • Surveys Data Entry
  • Websites updates: addresses, text/pictures catalogs
  • Automated Data Entry in developing software, applications, websites (testing, updates, databases care)
  • You can save 65% in outsourcing
  • 24×7 hassle free work transition
  • Your work craft by skilled and experienced hands
  • Access to latest data entry tools
  • Online/Offline depends on your needs