Since 2004, Move Offshore has been the trusted business partner of over 1000 American and European entrepreneurs and companies. Given our 10+ years of professional experience and our unique know-how across the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, we can provide tailored solutions that fulfil your needs and meet your requirements. If you are an SBE seeking assistance with your key processes or an important project, please get in touch to discuss your needs. We aspire to help you cut costs and become more competitive. We have already worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses in over a dozen countries in offering administrative support, contact center services, business process management, data processing, revenue cycle management, and much more! Let us support you with your business processes.

Our Mission & Vision Statement's

Our Mission

At Move Offshore, our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes by providing comprehensive outsourcing solutions. We aim to optimize their operational efficiency, help them to scale swiftly, and reduce costs, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.


Move Offshore's vision is to be the preferred outsourcing partner for businesses seeking flexible, cost-effective solutions to scale rapidly and stay competitive. We aim to redefine the way businesses operate by offering seamless integration of back-office functions, allowing our clients to reach their highest potential.


Cost benefits are often the major reason why many entrepreneurs and companies entrust us with their business processes, sales and marketing. We are able to offer the highest quality services using the latest technologies alongside significant cost savings over in-country solutions. Outsourcing your sales and marketing or general information services can help you to grow your business without significant capital investment and in a very fast manner. Reliable and secure, outsourcing maximizes uptime and greatly enhances your performance.



Our headquarters in Orlando, FL, are responsible for all administrative support and sales and marketing-related tasks. In order to manage our Indian operations, we count on our American and European Managers who are permanently based in Chennai.

human resource

Human Resources

All of our employees are required to bring at least two years of professional working experience in international call centers when joining our company. The minimum educational standard we expect is either a Bachelor of Commerce or a BE in Computer Science.

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