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Outsourcing Experts: India and Morocco

Since 2004, Move Offshore is the favored partner of the European and American entrepreneurs, willing to outsource a part of their services to India or Morocco.

Thanks to 5 years of experience and a unique know-how in the BPO industry, we are providing solutions to fulfill your needs and meet all your requirements.

You are a SBE or a Group, feel free to put us in charge of the projects you can outsource. We will help you to cut your costs and to be more competitive in this worldwide economy.

Moreover, we have developped new business solutions.
These tailored solutions have been especially designed to allow you focusing again on your core business. Let us be in charge of your non strategic processes, save money, save time!

Customer Comments

Infotech Corp.

"We’re really impressed by your autonomy and your productivity."

Pierre Sevin, FAD

Nextwave Inc.

"We are impatient to work again with you !"

Jean Yves Piet,MD



May 2014: Move Offshore is a ISO9001:2008 certified company now.

April 2008 : Accreditated by the STPI Quality 2008

July 2008 : Opening of our new office in Casablanca. 50 positions.

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